5 Tips For Game Devs: Pitch decks in the Covid funding apocalypse

Ella Romanos   •  May 12, 2020

Whilst game sales are remaining positive during these strange times, developers who are pre-revenue are struggling. As shown by the recent EGDF survey, 17% of European studios may be forced to close in the next 3 months. These studios are primarily micro-companies and startups, in particular those who are currently trying to raise funding.

Uncertain times

Cancellation of events, and understandable caution on the part of equity investors means that developers are finding it harder to meet financiers and when they do, the investment may take longer, and will likely be more competitive – with less funding available, developers need to do everything they can to stand out from the competition.

So how do developers make sure that they not only stand out from the competition, but also ensure they are communicating their proposition effectively without any face to face meetings.

Pitching Principles

Pitch decks are always an important part of the process but having a great pitch deck that really communicates your vision and goals has likely become even more critical. So, what makes a good pitch deck? What are the common pitfalls?

In this webinar we have identified 5 top tips to help game developers when creating pitch decks for funding; especially in these complex times. In this webinar, Ella Romanos, will share her knowledge and experience from working with game developers and investors. In particular we will look at:

1. Set The Scene: Taking investors on a journey
2. Why is more than What: How to back up your assumptions and build confidence around the opportunity
3. Risks: How to address the inevitable risks in your business model
4. KPIs: What does success look like and how will you track that?
5. Valuation: What is your business worth right now

Talk slides can be found here

Ella Romanos   •  May 12, 2020