Mobile GameDev Playbook Episode 6: Understanding Player Motivations and Archetypes with Rovio and Fundamentally Games

Oscar Clark   •  June, 2020

Episode 6 of The Mobile GameDev Playbook looks at player archetypes and motivations and how these essential insights are being factored into game development. The podcast explores how game designers develop insight into their player types, as well as some of the most recent developments in player types and motivation metrics. Podcast guests Rovio and Fundamentally Games, help provide further insight into their own experiences and what they’ve learnt when it comes to designing games for specific audiences.

Topics covered in this episode:

1. GameRefinery’s take on Player Motivations & Archetypes

2. Why understanding player motivations is so important

3. The guests’ thoughts on do they themselves fit into a set of archetypes

4. How player archetypes can inspire new concepts and ways to engage a broader audience

5. Rovio and how their studios master the audience that they’re designing games for

6. Innovation in mobile games

Oscar Clark   •  June, 2020